Twilight Struggle

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Don't know why but I am getting a 'meh' feeling about this after the second play. It's probably because very improbable things happened in both of our games. We played with my wife last weekend and she loved it. So it goes back up in the ratings.


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Very thematic "war" game that is basically the card system from Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage without the actual battles.  Getting the cards you need at the right time can be swingy (and the game can outstay its welcome), but there is always more that you want to do than you are able to do, and there looks to be a lot of good history here too.


My favorite GMT title. (Great digital adaptation too) Very satisfying back and forth, and some of the most clever card play I've seen in a game.


Rating after first complete game. I really wanted to like this game more than the first completed game left me feeling. It is after all number 1 on BGG. It could well be, all the intricacies and brinkmanship evolve through multiple plays. If both players were not novices, i'm sure the experience would have been a harsh learning curve and expect my rating to change the more chance I get to play. Looking forward to playing this again soon.



All of my plays are on the app. Looking forward to getting the physical copy out more.


Love the hell out of this game, as a history buff everything is fantastic with this game. Need to work on my strategy though (lost every game)


...but so frustrating & unpleasant to play that I just don't do it anymore. Try it, it may be for you. I have friends that love this game.




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Only one play so far but really enjoyed it.


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Highly tactical 2p tug-of-war with incredible amounts of tension thanks to opponent events auto triggering and DEFCON. A game that rewards careful study and experience, and a game that calls for players to achieve mastery. There is a lifetime of gaming in this box.


Meh. Theme didn't cut it out for me and I can't believe it beat out T&E to get on to the top 5!


Such a beautiful coupling of theme with mechanics. And such a simple, elegant set of mechanics. I truly enjoy playing this game. It was difficult to wrap my head around what was going on at first. But by the time I finished my second game I was hooked.


Deep and highly competitive game of influencing allies and enemies during the Cold War. Card driven, so even turn and action requires the difficult choice of what to use your cards for, as well as strategizing how to minimize the damage every card could cause. Long, deep two-player games just aren't easy to get to the table.


Amazingly thematic game with great depth of strategy.


Can be amazing with an experienced player, but it's a bit of a slog. Losing its touch with me as I get older.


Wonderful tug-o-war style game, where Risk meets politics. After a few plays, it becomes a bit too chess-like (as players become more familiar with the cards) and I wish there was a way to make each playthrough distinctly different (removal of random cards, slightly more random starting influence, etc). For the same reason, the game is very exclusive as it tends to force new players out, since they won't have the knowledge of more experienced players. However, if you find the right friend for this game you might not ever put it back in the box. I desperately wish that I could find that friend.


My favorite two-player strategy game. Excellent theme, very high skill ceiling. Unfortunately requires absolute knowledge of all cards to become very good, much like many of my other favorite games like netrunner and innovation. If you learn to play with someone else who is learning this is a non-issue though.


(12/16) 7. (10/17) Rise to 8. Haven't played it since I rated it a 7, but I HAVE played a number of other COIN games and just love the system. I don't usually go for 2 player only games, but I'm looking forward to my next play of this classic.