Twilight Struggle board game

Twilight Struggle is a two-player game simulating the forty-five year dance of intrigue, prestige, and occasional flares of warfare between the Soviet Union and the United States. Twilight Struggle recreates the conflict between the most powerful nation states the world has ever known. The scope of the game covers the entire world as it was found in 1945. Players move units and exert influence in attempts to gain allies and control for their superpower.

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  • Pure 10. One of 2 on my list. At one point of time I was not playing anything else but this. Perfect two player game
  • I hate playing this game. And I'll continue to play it over and over again. It transports you back to the cold war in a very real sense. It makes you feel tense and on edge and awful about most options because there are no good moves, only one's that are better than others. When I'm done I feel like I've been beat up and I'm not happy whether I won or lost. But the strategy and luck are balanced in my opinion, and it's extremely hard to stop playing. It's awfully competitive, but so so good.
  • Another one which is slightly too heavy for me to want to become an expert at.
  • Simply the best two player game. Ever.
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Hahaha, excellent! I've heard it is significantly different and more directly confrontational than #Twilight Struggle

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