Pro Golf board game

This is a statistical simulation of PGA golf.

Each player has a "Player Card" that models the performance of a PGA golfer and the table uses a "Course Booklet" which models a famous course--the first two were Augusta National and the Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Each shot, the player rolls 2 dice and reads them low number/high number and checks his player card to determine the result of the shot LL=Long Left, SR=Short Right, etc. This result is checked in the course booklet to determine where the ball landed and the "club" (i.e. the column on his player card: FW, LI, MI, SI, CH, PITCH, SD) that will be used for his next shot and any penalty for being in the rough/trees/sand/etc. Occasionally, an option will be given to the player to layup or "Go for the Green!" using a longer club.

If a number comes up, the player is on the green and the number determines the distance left on his putt. For putting, if the number rolled on the putting column is greater than or equal to the distance left to the pin, the putt is good. Otherwise, unless the putt is badly missed (which checks another "Second Putt Card" to determine the length of the next putt), the second putt is assumed to always good.

Record the score for the hole. Repeat 17 more times for entire round.


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