Dungeon Twister 2 Prison

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It has to be taken on its own terms--namely, as a tactical optimization puzzle. On those terms, and with its veneer of a fantasy theme, Dungeon Twister succeeds beautifully. This edition, with its nifty figures and surprisingly successful solitaire system, is a great relaunch of the system. The numerous expansions are also a plus, though I am irrationally perturbed that the minis and standups will clash.


I love the way this twists my brain into adorable little knots. It can be a brain burner, but its an exceptionally rewarding one.


Bought for the solitaire element, actually... but I don't believe it will ever grace the table. :( UPDATE: Not a bad two plays thus far. More time required for a more refined rating on this one. The problem it faces is that it must compete with the most EXCELLENT Claustrophobia.