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Didn't work with two and is not something we would go out of our way to play with friends.


kinda done with this one; just doesn't have much replay-ability for me, at least with the same people


Location: Kallax


Fun cooperative game, where one player is different than everyone else. The hilarity and frustration the ghost encounters can't be beat. The end-game is kind of clunky and anti-climatic.


Does what Dixit did, but with tension and a feel of a game behind it. One of a small number of games that gets my wives interest when brought up as an option to play.


Beautiful game, art is nice. Setup takes too long.


FULLY SLEEVED 120 x Swan PanAsia Dixit: Standard (SWN-045, 170/pack) - (80 x 122mm) 84 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm) 18 x Swan PanAsia Mini Euro: Standard (SWN-006, 160/pack) - (45 x 70mm)


After a few plays, my wife and I both really enjoy this game. This is a great co-op game for larger groups and it never over-stays its welcome in terms of play time (typically less than an hour). The art work is great! Whether you chose to play as the ghost or one of the psychics, the task ahead is fun, with just the right amount of challenge for hobby and non-hobby gamers.



Interesting concept but it did not really seem all that special.


2-7 players (best 5-6) 42 minutes


While a very pretty game, too much is set atop the shaky foundation of giving multifaceted pictures to players so they can divine the identity of another card. It's just not fun or particularly interesting.


2-7, 42m


W/ Promo: Card Pack (2015), Brettspeil 2016 Vision Card One of the few games that has always resonated with the group. It's another good game that can scale up accordingly and reading the Ghost's mind makes it such a good challenge. Beautiful game!


I like this game way more than I thought I would.


A Dixit killing machine. This takes one of my family's favorite party games (the aforementioned Dixit) and transforms it into an actual game. With essentially two games in one box (Ghost & Psychic) that feel surprisingly different, and varying difficulties, this is a great addition to any collection. Watching the psychics completely misconstrue your message is delightfully frustrating, and adapting to their train of thought is challenging and satisfying. The opposites are true when playing as a psychic. Its got more game than Dixit, and is more ambiguous than Codenames, making it a must own for the friendly cooperative gamer.


Easy to learn and has worked great with so many different groups.


I really like the artwork in this one compared to its Polish/Ukrainian counterpart. Though a lot of people want to play this with Dixit cards, I don't think it'll work out to well. Playing Dixit with THESE cards though... that's a game I would play! It's like a 2-in-1!


A good deduction game where one player has to hand hints to the other players in the form of cards with abstract paintings on them. The only pitfall is I wish that deck of cards would have been much bigger as after a few playthroughs you've seen them all and you'll start to subconsciously associate them with things that the ghost player may not have meant.


(10/16) 7. (9/17) Rise to 8. A great game. A more involved Dixit. Beautiful cards and components. Absolutely fantastic gateway game to introduce at a party.


Wow. Just wow. Amazing game. Only thing I have against it is a messy rule book and the fact that if you play a lot you will learn exactly what the spirit player thinks :)