Packs Of War Each Rank
NON-Collectible Deck-building Tactical Military Card Game ==

Instead of a hand of cards, units come into play after being flipped faceup and waiting a certain number of turns in a Build Queue (BQ), think of an assembly line of four stacks of cards manufacturing forces. The way players manage their BQ greatly affects what units come out and when, which then affects their opponent’s decisions in <i>their</I> BQ. We are very proud of this innovation and how many strategies arise when deck-building. The more cards you flip, the more you reveal to your opponent.

POWER is a card game played on a Battlefield, a 4×8 grid where unit cards are used as game pieces with movement and range as they engage in combat and advance towards the opponent’s Headquarters to victory. No board or mat is necessary to play, just your P.O.W.E.R. – Packs Of War Each Rank.

5 GAME RANKS!! Earn your stripes as you ascend in level of experience and POWER®, starting at the Private Rank game all the way to Master Sergeant Rank – each Game Rank offering new ways to choose your cards and compete. Several expansion packs are already designed and ready for print!

As SIMPLE As Possible! No rulers, no protractors, no terrain constraints (yet) – just a 6-way rock-paper-scissor-lizard-Spock mechanic and the BQ is all the complexity it needs to appeal to all gamers.

We listened. Did the math. And responded. Look for the POWER DICE RULES VAR#1 card.

The Air/Sea Expansion packs will be released as print-on-demand through Drive Thru Cards.
More expansion packs planned come with equipment cards, different themes, time periods, nationalities, and realism.


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