Argent: The Consortium 2nd Edition

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This is the most complex worker placement in my collection. Bonus points for theme and the amount of content included in (by today's standards) kind of a smaller box. At least, it's packaged in one of the smallest boxes of all my collection. The minis kinda suck (I have the 1st edition) and I really wish I could've participated in the reprint so I could have the updated ones. But despite this, the game components are excellent and unique play is unrivaled.


7.8 / 2-5p Best 3 / 60-150m / 2015 / 3.80 (Reddit euro with player interaction, worker placement where you can bump people off spots, high replayability, Recommended on Reddit)


Neat WP game with variable powers that seems to have a lot of replayability. Will probably take a lot of plays until I can get a good opinion on it. SO many possibilities! I would rate it higher, but it's length keeps a lot of people at bay since we can usually find a worker placement that plays in half the time. But when the feeling is right...


I love the theme, the variability in setup, the worker placement mechanics and their unique abilities, just everything about this game sits perfectly for me. The fact that the game isn't just about acquiring points and then you win, but rather about figuring out how people are going to vote and then acquiring those types of resources is just such a refreshing end game scoring mechanic. Every game has me sitting on the edge of my seat wondering who will end up winning that final vote. The only thing that sometimes bothers people I play with is the take that mechanics the game has where workers can get hurt, but the game still gives you something no matter what for each worker which is why I think it works perfectly fine.