Argent: The Consortium 2nd Edition

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How I Learned to Place Workers and Love the Euro Top Placement in Worker Placement Sugar & Spice & D-20 Dice Top Ten If you want a thematic, Ameritrashy sticky sweet goodness to help the Euromedicine go down, worker placement game - here be yer white whale. Hidden agendas, opportunity for player to player gotcha, and so many variable options you'll be hard pressed to play the same game twice for a good while. Prepare to make Waterdeep look like a shanty town! Not so much 'Analysis Paralysis' as awe - at the options you have and decisions you have to make. (And I know we like our zazzy buzz words but if yours is 'Analysis Paralysis' why are you playing any worker placement to begin with? It's kinda the point, ya mook! :))


The parsimony of information of substance, coupled with the difficulty of pursuing objectives even when you know what they are, leads to a pretty random victory determination. The components are semi-functional at times, and there's too much weird stuff happening to track effectively. Some neat stuff, but not for me. [EDIT] Well, a proper room setup (you need multiple ways to get marks not at the expense of supporters), it gets better. Still not worth the time and mental energy, though, at least for my tastes.




After a few plays, I can say that this game is fantastic. The game has nigh endless replayability. The variable worker powers are super interesting and really affect how your strategies play out. It worker placement, but with more player interaction than a good chunk of "Ameritrash" games I've played. Highly recommended.


Designer is a slanderous **** who doesn’t deserve my patronage. I’m sure he would cry himself to sleep over this. Ha!