Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front is an easy to play tactical wargame set in the Eastern Front of WWII. It is a new standalone game in the Spearpoint 1943 Expandable Card Game (ECG) series. The game plays best with 2 players but also includes a 4 player variant.

Designed by Byron Collins (4th published game design)

Highly Re-playable: Pre-game deck construction, dice, card drafting, and other proven mechanics ensure no two games are the same!
Fun and Fast: Easy rules with continual involvement by both players. Game sets up and plays in about 30 minutes.

Integrates with: Spearpoint 1943 (2010)
Expanded by: Spearpoint 1943 Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion (2012)
Expanded by: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front Heavy Weapons Expansion (2015)

Eastern Front introduces the Red Army and features 220 new cards, scenarios, and is backwards compatible with the original Spearpoint 1943 and the Origins Award nominated Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion.

110 Unit Cards feature an assortment of historical German and Soviet squad-level infantry, artillery, armor, and aircraft.

55 Command Cards give support, provide special functions, and may even modify die rolls.

25 Damage Cards apply unique Damage Effects to units as they reach their critical break point. These Damage Effects can force units to withdraw, take cover, or may immobilize tanks, knock out weapons, wound infantry, damage aircraft engines or ailerons, and more, adding to the battlefield chaos.

12 Scenario Cards take players through battles that occurred during 1943 on the Eastern Front including Operation Zitadelle.

10 Event Cards add chaos for both players when drawn.

2 Quick Reference Card sets for each player help keep the rules summarized and quickly accessible.

2 Card List Cards detail the included Units for each side.

Promo cards feature box art from the Spearpoint 1943 Series.

• 220 Cards (Soviet and German Units, Command Cards, Damage Cards, Event Cards, Scenario Cards, Card List Cards, Quick Ref Cards...)
• 4 D10 Dice (2 German, 2 Soviet)
• 1 Rules Booklet
• 12 Scenarios
• Promo Cards
• QR-Code linked Video Tutorial

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Spearpoint 1943: Eastern Front

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