The Grimm Forest

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This game suhhhhhhhcks. Like, so much. The problem is that it's largely a social game about guessing where your competition will go but I feel like the game doesn't quite work at any player count even if it wasn't so simple. The fact that the rulebook has special rules for two or four players really drives that home. It has a ton of dumb miniatures - without those it would be a $15 card game and probably better for it. Here's the thing though - you get to build little houses JUST LIKE THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. So it keeps getting played in our house. Also, the box is annoyingly slightly larger than normal board game boxes.


Lovely game for the family. Not too heavy but plenty of options. It also has amazing art, figurines as well as a custom insert!


Good game, but more conflict than I like


Fabulous components, great design, and slick play. The 'Fables' and 'Friends' keep things wonderfully challenging and varied from turn to turn.


2-4 players (best 4) 45-60 minutes