Battle Sheep

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Very basic abstract.


Enjoyable and quick. The winner is often determined by the first couple moves however.


Short and cute, but I don't feel like there's enough meat here, even for a light game.


Easy light game. Theme is pasted on. I prefer Hey, That's My Fish! in terms of actual gameplay, but the set up for this one is far less obnoxious. It's okay.


The core mechanic is fun but sometimes I feel like the end is predicted several moves in advance and there are no choices remaining.


A fun light strategy game. They dynamic setup ensures that no two games are exactly alike. Games can often get to a point where players are just going through the motions to end a game though, but since each play only takes 10-15 minutes this doesn't end up being a big issue.


Pretty simple geometric puzzle. Short enough that I enjoy it as a light game with non-gamers.


Battle Sheep is the game "Hey, That's My Fish!" wanted to be, as the game is more focused on closing in your opponents rather than quartering off territory. This is admittedly a subtle difference, but turns the game into a more confrontational and interactive affair, which better suits the mechanics. As with most full-information games, it can play a tad slow as players are encouraged to predict their opponent's moves, and plan for the future, but its hard to parse all of the possible options so surprising moves are aplenty. Its limited scope will only warrant so many plays, but those plays will be both quick and enjoyable.