Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 (Red Edition)

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Good, but I thought Risk: Legacy was the better Legacy game. The legacy elements in this one were way too fiddly.


Legacy is a cool concept but I am not a fan of Pandemic.


COMPLETED (RECYCLED) Amazing experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Pandemic evolves and tells a story. Opening the boxes is just plain fun. The legacy deck is genius.


by hana

Completed game.


Deserving of the praise it gets. Who knew one of my least favorite games of all time could be tweaked so well? A unique gaming experience.


What a spectacular way to enjoy a night. I was putting off playing it since I don’t really like the original Pandemic all that much but I should have played sooner! What a great first month and I look forward to more!


So much better than regular Pandemic. I do not think I have ever won a regular Pandemic game.


FULLY SLEEVED 5 x Swan PanAsia Cutthroat Caverns (SWN-048, 100/pack) - (90 x 128mm) 179 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)


It's...fine? The plot is bad but it introduces new mechanisms at a good clip. I just don't find it particularly engaging, and the same seems to be true for everyone else in our group.


We are into June at the moment, having had a marathon gaming session on saturday 14/11. The concept of a legacy game, with a story arch that has permanent decisions is thrilling. Would a legacy game be so successful if there was no original game that it came from. I think not. A game with a new rules system that you learn for one game, that then changes, potentially every next game, would make me wince. I avoided Risk Legacy for the obvious reason that my wife and I are not huge risk fans. We both like Pandemic and we both really like this. Could i recommend this to friends, well only if they played original pandemic and enjoyed it. 17/11 We are now about to start November. Damn this game is good. We've sworn out loud as events twist our fortunes up and down. Current standing Won:9 Lost:3. Finished and instantly bought another copy to play with friends. Love it. Lowering rating to 9 as not played since




Wish I could have the experience again.


Apart from the finale which I admit it could be better the game was exactly what I was looking for. A good story and a very solid game.


Great experience... but still pandemic


2-4 player 60-120 minutes


I understand, and even partially agree, with lots of the detractors of Pandemic Legacy. The rubberbanding is real, the plot is a bit generic, and the game is ultimately disposable. But Pandemic Legacy is the most fun I have ever had gaming, so detractors be damned! Pandemic is an incredible design, and this game is a great way to breathe new life into it. I would heartily recommend this game to anyone.


This is for the regular Pandemic way of playing this. Have not played Legacy yet.


One of the absolute best game experiences anyone could ask for. Really loved it. Won't ever play it again, but looking forward to season 2.


2-4, 60m


I find Daviau's "innovation" far less of a revolution than an elaborate marketing gimmick under the guise of "narrative board gaming." The intrigue of the system wore off after about three games, and then it just turned into an obligation. I will almost certainly not be purchasing another one. The game itself was boring; the narrative derivative and cliche, and ultimately very, very stupid. About 70% of the way through, we just gave up and thumbed through the rest of the Legacy deck to see how the game was going to end. There were so many stupid revelations-- both narratively and gameplay-wise-- that I feel vindicated by the decision. The other trappings of the game that bothered me are things that are anathema to why I play games: I play games to get better at them-- you literally don't even know how to win this game until the very end. I play games to share them with many people-- you have to play this game over and over with the exact same group. I play games to create my own narrative and memories-- this game shoves a half-cocked, poorly written story onto you. And on and on.


The first few months were incredible! Feel like they hit a bit of a lag but keen to see what changes next. Have had substantially more fun with this than when playing the base pandemic game.


Plays like a bunch of variations on Pandemic, but the changes can sometimes be a hassle, and there is no way to internalize them, since more are always being added. I have a feeling I will be burned out on his game by the time we finish.


One of the first games we've got to play together (two of us), tense, varied, fun and leads to develop a close relationship with your characters and very pleasant to win a game.


Just wow. Not huge on pandemic, but love this story and the permanence of your losses. Only thing holding it from a 10 is the limited replayability. 1/3/18: i still liked the experience, but I would never actively seek out to replay season 1. That bumps it down from a 9 to a 7 for me.


Awesome experience. Lots of surprises and plote twists. Looking forward to Season 2. - Does require a heavy investment of time with a fixed partner / group.


My first ever legacy game. It is intense and enjoyable. The decisions you make in a game really impact your possibilities in each of the following games.


The second legacy game we played (after Charterstone). We never played Pandemic before but we got blown away by the smooth mechanics and the epic reveals during the legacy campaign. Still the best legacy experience to date.


Although I do not at all agree with its historic rise up the BGG ladder, this is still a great game. Its just Pandemic with some legacy mechanisms plopped on top, but those legacy mechanisms are admittedly really cool and fun to experience. The thrill of opening a new packet or acquiring a new bonus, is balanced with the anguish of placing an outbreak sticker on the board, or taking a scar. There are certain game changes that really liven up the game and provide huge narrative pivots, which help players stay interested through the twelve stages. The replayability argument is completely unfounded as after finishing the game, you will have already extracted more than your money's worth. Each decision made, and every card drawn has effects that ripple throughout the entire life of the game, creating a living narrative that you as a player have to struggle to control and adapt around.


Hard to rate. Hard to compare with other games I've given a 10, like Galaxy Trucker, Cosmic Encounter, and Netrunner, where I've played 100's of games and they still hold up to the test of time. On the other hand, I think the quality of the experience is just as good, and in some ways better than those games. It's not flawless, but I'd probably rate it a 10 if it were more replayable. As it is, I'll dock it a point for it having a static ending while still highly recommending.


This is the probably the best board game I have ever played, which is why I give it a 10 (the only 10 I have played so far). My group enjoyed it so much we played it through twice (with a six-month break in between), and enjoyed it immensely each time. The subtle (or less subtle) changes to the rules and objectives each month of game time kept the game exciting. And every game was challenging but winnable, keeping everyone engaged. I think this is a game that everyone should experience, especially if you like cooperative games.


I'm going to give this game a solid 8, even though I don't love it. What it has done for the industry and the creativity are can't be underplayed, however, it's just too stressful for me. We've played through 4 months (8 games) and have never won on a first play during a month--but each loss is right on the edge of victory. I hope we'll pick it up at a later point because I'd love to see what else is packed away.


Thought I'd be able to get another group to play this copy with, but it never worked out. Traded with /u/Littleleo5 for Empires of the Void.


I have a idea for a team. Gina, Terrence, Tim and myself. Can't get the gang together, so Tim and I play.


I don't like vanilla Pandemic much, but this I liked much, much more. The way each player can have impacts that last from game to game is such a good feeling.


(11/15) 10. Only in February (in the game, that is), but I feel very confident in assigning this a 10. An amazing game and amazing experience. (9/17) Drop to 9. Haven't played this is way too long, need to get back before Season 2! My #17 game of all time.


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