Continental Express


As an employee of the Continental Express railroad company, you are in charge of the constant ballet of train cars at your station. You must complete each train in time for it to depart. But, the other switchmen want the same train cars as you, and in this yard there are no holds barred!

As a railyard manager, players must switch the right train cars to the station in order to form their train. The cars will be worth victory points, depending on their number and rarity. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is declared the winner!

- 82 small cards (58 train cards; 2 events; 12 bank notes; 10 character cards)
- 20 company tokens
- 30 long cards (20 objective cards; 10 contract cards)
- rule book.

MSRP: AddLowest: $11.99

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