Odd is a simple abstract game for 2 players, with stones of 2 colors, typically played on a hexagonally tiled board with 5 cells on each edge (though it can be played on almost any tiling). Odd can also be played with pencil and paper.


  1. A group is a set of stones on the board, all of the same color, for which it is possible to trace a continuous path between any two of them by stepping between adjacent stones of that color.
  2. The size of a group is the number of stones in it.


  1. The board begins empty.
  2. Players take turns. On each turn a player places one stone of either color onto any empty space.
  3. The game ends when the board is full. Player 1 wins if there is an odd number of groups of at least size 5 on the board, and Player 2 wins otherwise. When counting groups, be sure add up the total number of connected groups of both colors.


  1. One can change the character of the game by increasing or decreasing the minimum size which a group must have in order to be counted at the end. The larger the minimum group size, the more strategic and less tactical the game becomes, and vice-versa


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