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This is a good one. Needs more player interaction - but amazing puzzle-type game.


I like Azul better for the looks and gameplay, but I really enjoy Sagrada. Really fast play, good visuals and fun! Specially if you have children, this one is perfect for a family night!


Dice drafting, 1-4 players, 30 minutes, medium light. Rating based on a dozen games with 1, 2, 3 and 4 players.Please check my review at:


Don't normally like dice games. The randomness just makes the whole exercise feel ... pointless. And yet Sagrada has me coming back for more. How? Drafting dice, mitigating glass beads of action, and board difficulty variability. Good on you Sagrada.


Rated an 8 because family likes it a lot. In the abstract, more of a 7 for me.


This game is waaaay prettier in photos than in real life. It's actually kind of chintzy looking in person. It's a totally reasonable little puzzle - nothing mind-blowing.


Just ok. Prefer Roll Player.


Love the stained glass theme


Me and mi wife love playing this game! Wanting to get the expansions but for 2-4 players the base game is enough!


Expansions: - 5&6 Player - The Great Facades – Passion Pretty, fun at all player counts and complex enough to be enjoyable no matter the skill level.




[Solo, Light, Dice]


Includes 5th and 6th player and some promo windows patterns




Puzzle/abstract Played :d10-2:-player with wife...:indigo: :d10-4:-player with work friends...:tobacco: Intend to play with wife...:indigo:, family...:corn:, work/B&BG/CABS friends...:tobacco: Great for unknown friends...:coffee: Player counts: :d10-2::d10-3::d10-4::d10-5: or :d10-6:-players (must have 5-6 player expansion) :d6-1: Level of joy :star::star::star::star::halfstar: :d6-2: Must like: #dice drafting #abstract puzzles :d6-3: The 5-6 player Expansion is a must, purchased not yet played The passion expansion :d6-4: value :arrowN: exceeds purchase price :heart: keeper :d6-5: Similar to Azul :d6-6: Not attempted solo mode :jug: The game was like a :star::star::star::star: prior to getting the 5-6 player expansion. This expansion is a must have. Frustrating when you can’t draft the right die and the private dice pool fixes this. April 2019 $28.99


May have replaced Azul for our family.


Beautiful filler with a nice puzzle feeling. Good variety over multiple plays due to the varying win conditions. The 'secret color' is too influential in the final score. INCLUDED: Sagrada: 5 & 6 Player Expansion Sagrada: The Great Facades – Passion


Have played a couple 3 Player games & one 2-Player game. Challenging Puzzle games. Want to try this again


12.1.17 Fun, little abstract that includes dice drafting, puzzly player boards, public & secret goals, and rule breaking cards. Having the boards front and center so you can see what your opponents are trying to do is a must for more player interaction. This means the game is best at 2 and good at 3.


The game is beautiful. You have to think ahead when you choose the window plan, after that it's all solitaire puzzle, very little interaction taking dice from other players.


Played this before playing Azul, and it is great. The placement rules just make it not as want to play as Azul. Both are great games, but given the choice I would choose Azul every time.


7.6 / 1-4p Best 2 / 20-40m / 2017 / 1.83 (Dice drafting and placement, compared to Role Player, SUSD recommends)




A very enjoyable puzzle. It starts off easy, then gets super tough at the end. Fun at all player counts.



A nice fluid game with decisions that look same, but become painfully complicated as you get into later rounds. Also beautiful dice!


This game is super fun at 3/4 players. There is a good amount of strategy trying to figure out what dice are critical to your window and what you think the other players will need. This game can introduce AP with players though, so be careful!


An absolutely wonderful game with fun decisions that have enough weight to make them meaningful. The production quality of the game is absolutely fantastic with the insertable game boards and the multi-level window boards.


An absolutely wonderful game with fun decisions that have enough weight to make them meaningful. The production quality of the game is absolutely fantastic with the insertable game boards and the multi-level window boards.


W/ Exp: 5-6 Player W/ Promo: GameBoyGeek


The game looks stunning, its rules are easy to learn and to teach. It rapidly climbed up among my top 10 favorite games and it is easily one of my best acquisitions of 2018.


Sagrada offers a nice puzzle with an aptly selected theme. Prioritizing and selecting dice is fun, especially as your earlier decisions slowly begin to restrict your options, and you curse your past self for your lack of foresight. Despite the apparent variety associated with the various boards, the game boils down to purely to the scoring cards. The few extra points you get from selecting a difficult canvas are not worth the points lost from the objectives. Since the objective scoring is so influential, taking a more difficult board could easily be your downfall, which is a shame. Sagrada is beautiful and quick, but has thoroughly average gameplay.


Simple dice drafting. I would want it if I didn't already have Roll Player, which I think fills the slot about as good.