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Fun almost apocalyptic/post apocalyptic worker placement. For the theme I think I prefer Euphoria.


Includes meeple realty insert.


1-4 players (best 3) 30-120 minutes


+ A solid heavy worker-placement euro. + Looks great. o Heavy. During the first game(s) you might have no idea what you are doing. It is very much about converting one resource to another and yet another and then buy a building which can do one more conversion. - The time travel mechanism plays less of a role than the title implies.


A big production with a relatively low price tag. Mindclash knocks it out of the park with the theme here - pairing it with a colourful quilt of clever mechanisms. The iconography is mostly good but necessitates a quick manual check every now and then. The Superprojects fill me with geeky delight.


The components are gorgeous and the game play matches that. It's a heavy game so it can be hard to get to the table, but when it does, it's such a rewarding experience trying to focus on the resource management with worker placement and time travel all wrapped up in one.


(10/17) 8. Great implementation of the time travel theme in this worker placement where you can borrow stuff from your future self that you then need to repay. Felt meaty the first time I played and looking forward to running it back soon.