Teotihuacan: City of Gods

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It's a little fiddly, and a little light on player interaction, but it's fine. The pseudo-rondel and the upgrading of workers is actually pretty cute.


Great theme. Great combination of mechanisms. The growing power of the dice is fascinating. Masks feel under-powered in 4-player games. Important decisions every turn. Many paths to victory. Fun. INCLUDES: Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period (2019)


Best game of 2018.


I wish the board art were a little bit clearer/less cluttered, and having the pre-printed stations not in order didn't help explaining the game, and the cocoa icons are very tiny compared to the size of the chits, AND I wish there was some sort of turn order reference that it came with, as we'd have to always remind everyone about paying the cocoa cost... AND even though I was never sure if what I was doing was helping me score points (it wasn't).... I've greatly enjoyed playing this game.


The latest prototype photo (2/22/18) has me drooling.


im worried about replayabilty with this one. looks like there is only a couple winning strategies