Something really big is happening in the big apple. Godzilla is on the rampage. He's racing around the streets of New York looking for lunch and a quick crunch. Dodge toppling buildings and the monster's claw to avoid getting squished. Escape the city first with two of your vehicles to win the game.

From the back of the 'Incredible Hulk Smash' box:
"It's dashin' smashin' outRAGEous fun! Get ready for a wild race through the streets of new York City! Make your own vehicles, then roll the dice to race them along the path. Stop your opponents by drawing cards that let you smash their vehicles flat! Keep making 'em, racing 'em, and snashing 'em until somebody makes it out of the city to win!"

Players use play-doh to create cars, tanks, and airplanes that they race to the finish line. Constructible buildings, track colors and cards decide which cars get crushed on each turn. With each crushed car the distance to the finish is shortened, guaranteeing a reasonable play time.

A simple game that is larger than life, and a lot of fun with the young crowd. Adding your own colors of play-doh allow you to play as many players as you like. Just don't get too attached to your cars -- the Incredible Hulk doesn't let very many of them get away!

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