Meeples, the original machines of war.

Some people might think that Meeples are just the little tokens they use to represent their figures on a game board. How naive! In reality, the Meeple was once a machine of war. The four kingdoms of Lilliput created them as giant golems with which they battled one-another.

In Meeple War, each player is in control of one of the kingdoms of Lilliput. They construct massive war Meeples and send them out into the world. Players explore territories and invade their opponent's kingdom using the special terrain tiles to gain an advantage. The first player to reach six Victory Points is declared the winner.

* 52 Wooden Meeples
* 40 Double-Sided Buildings
* 16 Workers
* 4 Village Enclosures
* 4 Village Gates
* 4 Reputation Mountains
* 4 Depots
* 36 Double-Sided Territories
* 5 Territory Upgrade Tokens
* Bravery Point Ladder
* Hammer Token
* Rulebook

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