The Pillars of the Earth

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2-4 players, medium heavy c. 90 minutes, worker placementRating based on 1st plays. I'm a big fan of Ken Follet's historic novels and was therefore very eager to play this one. I like the theme and the look of this game (Michael Menzel's artwork is always very good) and its mechanics, need to replay for a good verdict whether to keep this one in the collection. Unfortunately, both my family and my friends don't enjoy this one quite as much as I do. Will probably not get much playtime, so might trade this away.


by Rudi

a worker placement for new player and veteran to play within 90 minutes or less


I can play this one with wife-friends and regular gaming group. It's relatively easy to teach, although it does take a few plays to really learn what you need to think about when planning ahead.


by paka

Good worker-placement. Took few games to really start to appriciate it, like to play it with 2-3 and not really with 4. Master-builders from the bag at random does not annoy me anymore and I find it quite intersting instead.


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This is, indeed, exceptionally similar to Caylus, but I much prefer this game--faster, less downtime, more to do, and feels more "open" despite it having fewer paths to victory. Then again, I'm not a huge Caylus fan to begin with. That said, the competition amongst worker-placement games is now extremely fierce, and I'm not sure Pillars can stand on its own anymore.


Not very much resource competition with 2 players but still some tension. I like the six round limit which means that it plays fast.


This is -- unexpectedly -- a hit with the kids. It reminds me of Caylus, but more pleasing in some way that I can't quite define.


It's a good game I think, just not for me. The Master Builder selection from the bag seems too random for me, either giving someone a huge advantage in being able to go first and get something they really need or having someone else go last, last, last and getting none of the things that would have been useful to them. Having a better knowledge of the cards available to take each turn could impact on my opinion some.


One of our earlier games - helped bring us into the fold, so to speak, with regards to thinking about what types of mechanics we liked and didn't like.


By far one of the best games I've ever played. The game is gorgeous to look at and the game system very easy to follow. I really like the "follow the steps around the board" concept. It allows everyone to not have to remember what happens next and with so many options to select from with only the three master builders and competition for spots. The funny part is I played this game with guy that plays mostly miniatures and he really, really liked the game so that right there is gives it a glowing approval rating.


Fantastic! Tough decisions to be made each step of the way. Multiple resource allocation decisions. Nice economic engine that improves as the game goes along. Many different approaches to pick up points. Various strategies to victory. Just the right amount of luck-of-the-draw for my taste. INCLUDED: The Pillars of the Earth: Expansion Set


Get resources, convert resources. Plays 6 well (with expansion), and that mechanism of pulling master builders out of the bag and then having to decide if you want to spend a lot to place them or wait. And it is based on a very good (long) book.


Mechanics reminiscent of Leonardo. For some reason, it plays better than Leonardo but I can't really figure out why. Production value is quite high, but I could also have done without the whole cathedral thing since functionally it's just a turn marker. I'd rather have paid less money and got a turn counter instead, but that's just me. Sold on the marketplace.


July 2013 - Glad someone was able to give me a run through on how to play this. A heavier game than Stone Age with more choices. With so many good worker placement games out there, time will tell if this is a keeper.


2-4, 120m


One of the best resource games that also have one of the best designs.


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