Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls

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Is this how dungeon crawls are supposed to feel? The story here is so much more present. And although the game is not nearly as punishing as the D&D games (in that it doesn't feel like a roguelike), the turns certainly require thought to do well. That being said, the game still feels a bit light, and often times I wish I just had more options at my disposal. Frequently, you end up alternating between a few things you're doing waiting for your skills to recharge. The game simply doesn't have the depth of a game like Descent 2E. Still, this may appeal to far more players, simply because most want more-story, less-chess out of their dungeon crawls. I'm on the fence.


My wife and I have logged some crazy hours playing this game and really look forward to each time we get it to table. The quests can take a while, which I enjoy. We just leave the game setup, save our place on the app, and jump back in when we have time. We played the retail version for a while, but ended up purchasing the Immortal Heroes KS version second-hand. My only complaint about the core version is the lack of decent arcane weapons in the emporium deck, leaving Auriel at a slight disadvantage compared to other core heroes. She does have some fairly powerful magic at her disposal, however.