7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon

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It gives the players more options to not take a card from the main tableau meaning you can better avoid unlucky draws / turn order issues. It also adds additional support to make military and science victories more viable and not so easily blockable. These were our main issues with the base game and this expansion fixes them. However it does add complexity with many new one-off symbols on the deity cards.


Does a good job of adding to the game. Will not play base game without again.


I'll never play without it (with experienced players), adds another option to do on your turn, and furthers strategies


Ahh I've only played with it once and it wasn't game changing with me. It added some more to the game, but it wasn't anything that was missing, honestly I think I only bought the gods when I had nothing else to do on that turn. I want to play with it some more to see if it changes my opinion.


A nice addition to the base game but not neccessary better. Played twice and i think it add another layer to the game that make the game more balance (between 3 win conditions) and more chances to come back from a landslide win/lose than the base game. Cons are it more complex, require micro managing and time consuming (meaning the expan will not hit the table often)


My wife LOVES this game. The expansion is a must for me. So much more theme and so much more variability of winning strategies. The threat of instant science and war victories becomes much more eminent.


Well... it certainly expands the game.


Need to play this a few more times before I settle on a rating. While it gives interesting options (and needed ways out of cornering moves) - it does make the game a lot swingier.


Adds to but doesn't improve the game. Not worth the added length.


To my surprise the addition of the Pantheon adds very little complexity while greatly widening the decision space of 7W: Duel. The game takes about ten minutes longer (due mostly to setup and having to juggle two boxes/rulebooks), but it doesn't overstay its welcome. The Pantheon abilities make the game much more confrontational which might turn some people off, but it offers loads of strategic freedom and flexibility. Unless I'm teaching a new player or am tight on time, I expect to incorporate the Pantheon more often than not.


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