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Lots of bluffing, some actual thought in what to bid, but the biggest aspect is bluffing. As such it's not my sort of game.


Not officially owned. Currently being played with a bag of dice. LOVE this game.


Fun and loud. Add more dice to play with more people.


This depends heavily on the mood. You can play with groups that turn this game into a 1, alternatively you can play with people that turn this game into a ten.


Endless Games


I'm not a great fan of pure dice games or gambling mechanics, so this combination isn't for me.


Great for big groups as it scales pretty well.


AKA, Bullshit, this is a pretty great light bluffing game. The main flaw is that your decisions become less informed the more dice you lose--making it tough to get back in the game.


Small bagged Perudo set. I've loved the game for years but only just bothered to add an actual packaged version. One of the best dice games.


Own the Perudo version, but play a public domain version with house rules. Despite the highly favorable comments, I find it annoying that this game often grinds down to 2 people having 1 die which case it's rather random who wins.UPDATE: After years of playing, I'm raising this game by 2 full rating points due to the addition of a "spot on" rule that I found on this site (called something else though). If you think there are EXACTLY the number of numbers that the previous player called, you may call "spot on". If correct, nobody loses a die, but if YOU have lost one, you GAIN one back. Friends are playing it like it's the new craze here and with their families for Memorial Day 2007. Amazing what one little rule change can do.


Own 2 sets of Dudo, set all in one box. I'm kind of ambivalent on this game. It's a great party game for large groups. Everyone enjoys tossing the dice and making their guesses. Most of the game is simply an exercise in "guess how many 6s there are on the table. bid slightly less, so it doesn't come back around to you". The endgame is more bluffing and second guessing though, if you stay alive long enough to get there.


Abstract, bland production, bluffing what's the point....Blah!


A light, fast and rather fun game. Can be played by everyone.


Since the die rolling is purely luck based, Liar's Dice boils down to a statistical puzzle. Each turn you calculate the odds of the previous bet or of your own, and make a simple decision based on the result. Its enjoyable in the right setting, but nothing I get excited over.




A bluffing game with dice. Most people will try to use statistics to make their guesses, but in the end it's still just random. I found the bidding mechanic just ends up going to 6's within a few bids which makes the game less exciting for me.