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This is a bidding game with a pasted-on Egyptian theme. Bid and collect tiles for scoring, but once you've successfully bid on three auctions, you're done for the round. Tension in that you only get one chance to bid during each auction--there's no "upping" your bid. Furthermore, there's a push-your-luck element included so players don't hoard their bidding tiles. Good bit of fun and strategy packed into one hour. Excellent game that's fun for gamers and non-gamers alike. Good game, but the Rio Grande production quality sucks with the cardboard tiles--I prefer the "European" quality of cardboard. Also, there was no good reason to enlarge the board and pieces, as RGG did. Get the Uberplay version.


2-5 players, 45-60 minutes, majority control, KniziaPlayed just once, need to replay for a good verdict, but first game was quite entertaining.


A set collection game with an innovative auction mechanic. There is a great sense of holding your nerve and 2nd guessing the other players in this.


Too many people I play with do not like auction games, but I enjoy Ra and wish it hit the table more often.


by paka

Think I actualy found a auction/bidding (it a bit strange to call it auction but still) game I like


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Quite a good auction game. A bit of a let down with the 999 games components, but gameplay is solid.


Beautiful bits, accessible and fast gameplay, and perhaps the best integration of push-your-luck ever. Innovative, fun and brilliant, Ra is amazing. And the two-player variant is unbelievably good.


Simple rules, press-your-luck, bidding mechanic, multiple paths to victory... what's not to like?


Simple auction game. Easy to teach but limited strategy as the person with the low sun tile will often declare RA on their turn. Accessible to non-gamers.


Interesting, but not my favorite auction game


Played twice, won the second game, just don't have any desire to play again. No doubt partly because it's partially an auction game. 2011-06 Having played a third game, with a few missed rules I'm not really any more interested in playing, but it would probably be easier to convince me now.


Best auction game ?


I'm fine with a non-existent theme if the game is good. This game isn't very good.


round limits (fill the Ra track and the round ends), penalties for not having certain items, multiple scoring options...another great Knizia bidding game!


Tablet app, not physical boardgame


Fabulous bidding game. The currency is not convertible, and each lot is of different value to each person. I love that you are also bidding for currency. Easy to teach despite all of the different tiles. Push your luck. Plus you get to shout "RA!" The problem is that it can be dependent on the luck of the draw when only one person is left bidding. But players should be taking that opportunity into consideration, so it fits right into the game.


Fantastic auction game, perhaps the definitive one but certainly one of the best.


GAMEPLAY Players take on the role of… pharaohs? (it’s a Knizia game, all right?) who are glorifying their empire, beseeching the gods for aid, coping with catastrophes, and taking advantage of the ebb and flow of the Nile. That makes the game sound way more thematic than the simple auction game that it is. On a turn, a player can take three actions. They can flip a tile and add it to the auction board, initiate an auction, or use a god tile to get something from the auction board. If a player wins an auction, they must give up one of the sun tiles in their possession, take the sun tile on the main board, and add all the tiles—good or bad—to their tableau. Once a player has spent all of their sun tiles, they can no longer participate in any auctions for that epoch. Once either all players have used their sun tiles or the Ra track is completely full, an epoch ends, and three epochs comprise a game. THOUGHTS Ra, on first glance, looks rather dull. But, although it is a simple game, it is, in my opinion, the most enjoyable of Knizia’s well-known auction games (i.e., Modern Art, Medici, and Amun-Re being the others). First off, the auction mechanic where everyone gets a certain set of different-valued sun tiles to play for a round makes the auctions tight but quick moving. Plus, there is the added incentive of getting a high-valued sun tile to use for the next epoch. The auctions are heightened by the mechanic of the Ra tiles, which force auctions to happen and are the clock for each epoch. The other aspect of the game is the tableau building. Gold and god tiles give you big in-game VP. Culture tiles are necessary if you wish to avoid taking big penalties but can also help you increase your score greatly. Flood tiles score in-game VP but only if you have the rarer Nile tiles. Pharaoh tiles cause a lot of competition as your score (or penalty!) for those completely depend on how many your opponents are actively collecting. And, of course, monument tiles lead to big end-game scoring VP. I only have two negatives for the game. One, the game should come with player boards, but, fortunately, kind BGG users have some great files available to download. (I think the new edition might have fixed this issue but I’m not sure.) And two, I don’t like the game at five players as it is too chaotic. PROS -Beautiful, solid components in the old version, and I love the art style. -Gameplay is simple, yet very interactive with the way auctions can be initiated or forced. -Example of a game that actually has a fun push-your-luck mechanic. -Tableau building is interesting and provides many different ways to score. NEUTRAL -I don’t like the five-player game as I don’t feel like I have significant enough agency. -The Egyptian theme, as with almost any theme in a Knizia game, is paper thin, but I personally like it. CONS -Game should have come with player boards.


Very elegant (except for all the scoring options which can feel a little burdensome to explain to newbies) Knizia auction masterpiece that revolves around the concept that a shitty number to bid can be very powerful if you call the auction at the right time.  It might be a bit dry, but there is something just fun about collecting sets of tiles too.


Such a clever and unorthodox auction system. Plays well with two, which is impressive. Love love love.




Classic, fast playing.


Not particularly exciting. Not bad, but will not go out of my way to play


My other favorite auction game.


A simply-designed system of probabilistic valuation and positional advantage. Really good at 3p, okay at 4p, at 5p, play Medici.


by klz

My favorite of the "Knizia auction trilogy". While I like Medici a lot, this one is much more focused than that game. I also find Modern Art oddly dry, and at points it seems that you have less control than this game.


Had to bump up the rating because of the tension in the last couple of games. I very much like the push your luck part of it which really heightens the atmosphere. 2009-09-28 - Bought


I wanted to buy one Reiner Knizia auction game. Even though this one was one of the more expensive of the options, it was also the one that gave me the happiest feelings when playing or watching gameplay videos. Introduced it to both gamers and non-gamers with much success. Knizia is still the king of welding simple mechanics with incredible depth.


Fascinating. Can't wait to play more.


(10/16) 9. (10/17) 9. A game I just get. A classic Knizia and I LOVE a classic Knizia auction game. Beautiful, elegant design.