Roads & Boats

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Very enjoyable game. A bit fiddely with all the chits, and setup can take quite a bit of time. But it was a fun game and is worth the time effort that it takes and delivers a fairly epic type civilization feeling.


by paka

Do yourself a favor and play Settlers on PC instead. Basicly the same game without the annoyances of having to do all the micromanagement.


A game that you either love or hate. I kind of love it...


It's long and a little fiddly, and it can drag if people aren't actively moving along. That said, it's an amazing game full of endless possibilities.


This was pretty cool--though it has the major downside of having to move around a ton of little bits each turn. This gets so bad that by the later turns it's easy to forget what you've moved, what you've produced and what you were going to do which ends up making it all seem like it would be best as a computer game.


It's probably the least traditionally "fun" game I've played, but it's enjoyable as an occasional intellectual exercise and I think an exquisite example of genius of design. However, I feel like I need to come up for air after bearing the weight of this thing on my chest. As excellently designed as this game is, my real question is: how many times do I actually want to play it? It is, by a large margin, the most mentally taxing game I have ever played. Minute-for-minute, no game comes close to requiring the mental stamina necessary to play this game. Even the most sprawling 12+ hour 18xx games or all-day wargames don't require the focus this game does. The cognitive load is incredible, truly a mental marathon. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this game, and I stand in awe of people who can bear to play this beast more than once or twice a year.