Roads & Boats board game
Roads & Boats board game

Roads & Boats

In Roads & Boats, each player builds a civilization over a long period of time, like in many other games. Unlike most games, however, the emphasis is not on warfare, population growth, city or statebuilding, but on logistics, or rather: on transport.

Each player starts the game with three donkeys, a pile of wooden boards, a number of stones and two geese. With these few resources, you try to build such diverse things as woodcutters, roads, boats, mines, a stock exchange... but beware! There is no concept of territory in this game: you cannot own land, nor buildings, so the things you build can be used by any other player...

The game can be played by two to four players, but it can also be used as a one-person puzzle.

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  • Very enjoyable game. A bit fiddely with all the chits, and setup can take quite a bit of time. But it was a fun game and is worth the time effort that it takes and delivers a fairly epic type civilization feeling.
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    Do yourself a favor and play Settlers on PC instead. Basicly the same game without the annoyances of having to do all the micromanagement.
  • A game that you either love or hate. I kind of love it...
  • It's long and a little fiddly, and it can drag if people aren't actively moving along. That said, it's an amazing game full of endless possibilities.
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