You’re caught in an endless, ever shifting nightmare hunted by The Shadow – an ominous all devouring presence. You try to outrun it and avoid going insane from the horrors of the nightmare, but it’s just a matter of time until you succumb.

Mechanically Endless Nightmare is a simple push your luck, risk management where the player must strike a balance between spending actions on the threats and resources of the game while trying to run as long as possible before the inevitable defeat.

There are two modes of play: Basic and Active. The Basic Version is a normal board game while the Active version requires real life skills, such as being required to hold your breath while playing through a Nightmare about drowning. The Basic version provides 12 different nightmare scenes each with their own simple special rule based on the theme of the scene. Most plays will take the player through one to five of these scenes. The Active version replaces or changes 8 of the scenes for a total of 20 different nightmare scenes.

Endless Nightmare is an entry in the 2013 Solitaire Print and Play Contest, where it placed second in the No Assembly Required category and won its designer the Best New Designer category.

Endless Nightmare is free to print and play, and a single sheet of paper needs to be printed. Add in 11 small markers (one of which must be different than the others) and a six sided die. To play the Active Version another sheet of paper must be printed and 6 more markers and a stop watch (one is available on most phones) are needed.

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