You've grown up with the outrageous tales of your forefathers - your Uncle Jack, the golden goose thief, your Mother’s 2nd cousin Jack the Giant Teaser and Lima Bean Eater and Grandpa Jack who had that thing about jumping over candlesticks. And now it’s your turn to set out and find fortune in the Land of Enin. One fateful day an enchanted sheep (or pig, you are not quite clear on the details, all those enchanted talking animals look alike after awhile) saunters up and tells you about a Lost Book of Magic that will gain you a kingdom of your own, if only you can find it.

To win this solitaire game you must:
first, steal a key from the town elders,
and sweet talk a watchword from an old witch woman,
then rescue a maiden from a goblin tower,
then return her to her royal father
who will give you a magic lodestone
to find your way through the Tombs of Neuve and
search for the Lost Book
and win you your kingdom!
all while battling monsters a'plenty, finding treasure and
magic items and generally questing about!

Needed to Play:
the 9 Land of Enin cards
(or the player sheet if you are
playing the mini-mini version)
1D6 and 1D10 (2D10 is even better)
10 black wooden cubes
2 yellow wooden cubes
1 red, blue and green wooden cube
and 1 Meeple o’Adventure

Each turn consists of 2 phases: Travel and Questing.

Travel Phase
During the Travel Phase, roll 1D10 to determine where you move
to. Each Location Card, in the lower right, lists which of the other Locations you can move to depending on what number you roll. A roll of 0 allows you to choose any location.

Questing Phase
During the Questing Phase, roll 1D10 and, on the chart on the
Location Card, find the action which matches the rolled number.
Encounters result in a further 1D10 roll on a matching Encounter

If you encounter a monster, during the Questing Phase, you must
fight it in combat. Different monsters are encountered based on
your current experience level.

The land of Enin is a fast and fun dice game for one player.

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