Dungeon Twister

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This is a fun two player game that is really a brain burner. The theme may turn some people who don't like fantasy off, but the game underneath is solid.


Found it interesting, but very difficult to follow what was going on and tough to form plans. [EDIT] It has to be taken on its own terms--namely, as a tactical optimization puzzle. On those terms, and with its veneer of a fantasy theme, Dungeon Twister succeeds beautifully.


I consider this to have been a working prototype for Dungeon Twister 2: Prison. It's quite good, but it ended up not being the final perfected rendition.


This feels too much like chess with fantasy characters played on a fun-house board. This needs more playtime to get a better feel of where the awesome is.


Brilliant brain-burner that is easily the best "maze" game out there. While there is no luck, the interactions can be so convoluted you almost have to play it tactically and just make the best of your turns as they come. Not that this is a drawback, the brilliant theme, and huge array of fun powers provide endless opportunities for cool moves.


Strategic ....


It's fun, but not as deep as I'd like. And way too often, there's not enough actual "playing" before the winner is known.