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As for right now, I'm very much enjoying this game. I like the chain mechanism and trying to buy cards not necessarily for the powers, but for the effect that they have upon what you can play makes for a different type of deck building game.The direct damage is also missing from typical deck building games as well. Though that may or may not be a strength over the long run. As for now, I find that refreshing though.


by paka

Good ideas, but somehow it left me in cold.


I like the drafting, the buying system, and that the wounds are a sort of catchup mechanic--but I find the chaining tedious and uninteresting, and the direct targeting just gives me the sense that something wonky is going on. Conceptually I can grasp that it ought to balance out, but while playing it feels arbitrary.


Of the few deck builders I own this is probably the best one.


2-5 player (best 4) 45 minutes


I feel like this game would be great if everyone playing knew the cards and combos well. At a beginner level I am trying so hard to make the colors match that I don't even know what my cards do until they are chained. Very clever and interesting mechanics, but the barrier to entry seems too high for our group.