Relic: Nemesis Expansion


As players struggle to determine the destiny of a crucial segment of the Imperium’s far-flung border, Relic: Nemesis introduces rules for player-versus-player combat. Additionally, it grants players the option to traverse the sector as one of the Imperium’s most dangerous enemies: a blood-crazed Khorne Berserker, a cunning Eldar Exarch, a savage Tyranid Broodlord, or a seductive but lethal Champion of Slaanesh. Meanwhile, Relic: Nemesis tempts the Imperium’s boldest defenders with brand new wargear and relics, powerful but proscribed technology shunned by the Ecclesiarchy. After all, wielding the instruments of the enemy—even if you have the of best intentions—is a sure path to corruption, and such heedless folly will not go unpunished... Will you take up the mantle of a noble hero, shielding the war-ravaged Antian sector from its innumerable foes, or will you command a mighty nemesis and bring the defenders of the Imperium to their knees?


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