Pax Renaissance

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The best P...

by Brent

The best Pax game. It takes the innovations that Pamir developed off of Porfiriana, and still plays great across all player counts. Despite Phil Eklund's attempt to inject this game with his off-putting Randian philosophical views, in execution (and hilariously so) the game acts as a criticism of Eklund's own philosophical bend. Pax Renaissance feels much more like what a Game of Thrones game would be if the players were competing to be the Iron Bank than what the the game posits itself to be (which, in a nutshell, is "Capitalism enabled the Renaissance"). In that way, this game is kind of the interactive model of why "authorial intent" is often irrelevant in art and media. I think it works out great. There's something about Machiavellian global political manipulation that I find deeply satisfying.


(10/17) 9....

by markbesada

(10/17) 9. My first Eklund, I think. And I love it. Such a deep game for such a small box of cards and set of components. I also ABSOLUTELY love the amount of history crammed on every card. I'd just as happily spent the time just reading them. Loved the theme, loved the game play and the how dense with options the multi-use cards are as well as the economy to buy them. Fantastic. My #9 favorite game of all time.