Space Cadets

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I don't grok the hype for this title. Teaching it was a bear because each mini-game has to be taught separately. Then actual play took a super-long time with lots of downtime for others as the various mini-games resolve. We tried to get into the spirit of it, but by the end, it was a chore to finish.Given away as prize in Games for Geekgold.


First of all, it's overlong, especially at first. More damning, however, is that it is awkward at any player count--play multiple stations at once, and it's too taxing to manage all the different rules and components you have to switch between. Play a single station, and you do too little to keep you engaged. Too much forced downtime in either case.


Preordered from Stronghold Games website with promos 11/2012


A lot to take in initially. Fun coop game which strives to eliminate a single player making all decisions. Truly, one inefficient teammate can make a significant impact.


Star Trek ensigns in charge of a ship, sort of. Co-op game where everyone gets control of a system (or multiples) and has to do various mini-games in an attempt to pilot the ship somewhere to do things, without getting shot to pieces by the enemies.


TRADED AWAY Very unique game where everyone has their own role that affects the outcome of the entire group. Timed games can get frantic and chaotic and this is no exception. Very difficult to explain, since each station needs to be explained separately.


Played this at BGG Con 2012 in the vendor booth and purchased it before we were done playing. Very fun, very different. It is a combination of a different puzzle games for each player and a coop game. Very interesting and fun combination.


What a disaster. Interestingly, I loved my first play of this but it became quickly apparent what a broken mess it is on subsequent plays.