Mall Of Horror

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Our first game was with 4p, and it was only OK. Our 2nd was with 6p (Halloween 2008), and the game was a lot more fun, and was enjoyed by the "non-gamers" as well.


The early game is rather pointless unless you can swarm the security room (which itself is determined randomly), but once the zombies start attacking things get great real quick. The problem is that zombie attacks are decided rather randomly, so things can stall--which is a very bad thing.


Lifeboats with strong theme.


Apart from subject matter I'd be calling this a filler, there's very little in the way of thought required and even if you play "well" you can lose because your opponents vote you out. Interesting as a filler though.


by 3MBG

Its quick, its not a bad game, but its not great either.


This is one of my favorite games. I really love the way the game plays out. It is not about killing hoards of zombies, but rather about who is left by kicking other players to the hoard. Deep and perfect Zombie theme. I would really play this at any time (and do often).


Fun, but reduced rating due to slopping editing in the rules.


Rating after one play. This was not as much fun as Betrayal on the Hill. Perhaps it was because the group was a bit smaller. Again, for these kinds of games, you need the appropriate goofy mindset to play to get the most out of it.