Billed as 'The Game of Riddles', Luck or Logic is a light game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys strange humour and paronomasia.

Players roll a die to move around the board, collecting money from artifacts purchased and from answering riddles. Some of the riddles can be answered through logic:
Q. How do you stop a kid from crying in the back seat?
A. Make him move up front.
And some of the riddles are puns:
Q. Why did the grizzly buy a pair of shoes?
A. Because he had bear feet.

Most of the squares landed on will either give a player money or force a payment... slightly weighted in favour of the players. If someone cannot pay his bills, he is bankrupt and starts over with $40,000.

The winner is the first player to accumulate $1,000,000.

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Luck or Logic

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