Animal Upon Animal

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Super Fun little kids game. Plays quickly, easy to teach. Still Fun for adults, if a little easy.My copy is actually a double copy now, two of each animal. Can play eight, or else plays harder with four (Double Animals) I've also thrown two copies of Das Duel in there for even more terror!


Rating based on 1st play


Great kids game but this is actually pretty fun for adults as well if you use all the animals provided and the expert variant.


Excellent game for children and adults to play together. High quality components.


A good little stacking game. The pieces are unique enough to make it challenging but not impossible. Plays quickly.


Fun little game with cool animals. Fun with a group that likes to play short party games.


Our toddler is absolutely obsessed with this game. He can't quite play by the rules yet, but he loves stacking the animals until the tower falls over. He's had this game for only a few months and his motor skills, problem solving, and independence have all increased. Update October 2019: Kiddo (now 2 years old) got this for Christmas 2018 (18 months) and is now playing by the full rules by himself. GREAT family game for us.


There is literally nobody I wouldn't play this game with. The rules are vague and in many ways it's more of a toy than a game, but I'm giving it a fairly high rating regardless - because it's really good.


It is too much for my 3 year old, who would rather play with the animals than play the game. It is good for my 6 year old, but she is not begging to play it. However, the 6 year, I am discovering, is not actually a gamer.


Games that I can play with my kids get an auto-10! :-)


KIDS GAMES SHELF RATING FOR KIDS. Great dexterity game for kids. The dice rolling makes things a little too random, but that's a minor thing as kids always laugh while playing. Grownups don't have a natural handicap like in Gulo Gulo, but we create artificial ones such as using our wrong hand and attempting trickier placements than necessary.


Great stacking dexterity game. Needs a grippy surface to play on, pieces slide a lot on a smooth table.


Fun but probably much better with some alcohol. (For adults at least). As far as dexterity games for children: not too bad.


Rated as a kid's activity. More fun to make it cooperative and just see how high you can stack it. Basically just blocks with funny shapes.