La Isla

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One play only, but it appears that there's a lot of luck involved in what cards you get dealt. Also seems like there is really one path to victory--get a lot of one animal, and get the A cards that bump up that animal track thereby scoring that animal for you every time you do so. Whoever does that best will likely win. I'd like to see it viable to get sets of each animal type. Perhaps those A cards should only bump the stock of that animal and not immediately score it too.


2-4 players, 30-60 minutes, light mediumA Feld-light about exploration of an Island (La Isla) to find and examine exotic animals. Plays fast, nice "filler".


It's like Gonzaga crossed with... You know, not every game has to be the baby of two others. Even though they all are. But let's forget about that, and the bizarre mix of nice/cheap components, using colors that are impossible to tell apart, and using cubes at all when you literally could have used anything else less generic... The game is really fun! It doesn't feel like you're exploring at all (get Tikal or Costa Rica for that) so the little men you run around the board shouldn't be called explorers ("poacher" is so passe) but what you are doing is muscling your way through the jungle and elbowing your opponents out of the way. Setting up a successful combo is insanely satisfying and there's a lot of excitement around making the most of what you get each turn and seeing others do the same. All this is after only one game so see me in a few more to see if I still feel the same way, but it made one heck of a positive first impression on me. Also, I got to use two parenthetical asides in the same sentence for this comment and that's worth an "8" score all by itself.


Initial rating 8. (Jul 18) Lowered to 7. Poor graphic design and components. The iconography is too old-school and the abstract mechanics not meshing that well with the theme prevent this from coming back to the table.


2-4 45-60


TRADED AWAY Simple Feld offering. Plays quickly.


sold at gen con 50 I wanted to like this game more - Stefan Feld and multi-use cards usually are appealing to me. Felt the theme was obfuscated (people were confused that we were documenting the animals and not capturing/killing them) and you often were not making very interesting choices in regards to which 3 cards to play (the powers were rather bland). The scoring chart was lackluster as well.


You can really get screwed by the card draw in La Isla, but puzzling out the best combo for the current board state each turn is fun.


[Draw bags for randomize some tiles] [Pending to sleeve]


It's just ok. Nothing too interesting. The decision of which cards to play is fun, but not enough to keep interest throughout a play


(10/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 6. A solid, though maybe unremarkable Feld.