Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

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Very few board games, today and back then, barely have mechanisms that associate themselves well with their theme. Spartacus is still a living example of a game chaining its rules to its visuals extremely well. A hallmark of a great game isn’t what you did during the game, but what you talk about after the game with your friends, and this red box is going to give you plenty of stories to laugh about.


I'm glad I played, but don't really have any desire to play again. Mainly as the theme isn't of interest. I won the game I played after taking part in only two fights, losing the first (by decapitation?) and winning the final fight after a three way tie had two of my opponents fight each other first.


Was not impressed with the art, but the hype when the game was brought out was high. After playing was also not impressed with the game.


The game feels a bit messy with all of the phases it has, and much like Cosmic Encounter it feels like it's barely holding on to some semblance of a structure. Also like Cosmic Encounter though, it works. There's a certain social tension to this game that can be hard to replicate in a game with cleaner and tighter rules. With the right group Spartacus is a game that I'm almost always willing to invest time into. Starting at 0 Influence makes the game a bit too long, though.