Call to Adventure

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by Wyrd

The literary foundation of this game’s concept is strong, and so is its visual table presence with evocative art and cool rune pieces to cast into the table to determine outcomes. Creating a character and the story of their adventures is fun and engaging. Really enjoyed this one! Play it with English Majors, they’ll love it.




by Marc

Call to Adventure is an absolute blast to play. I love watching how stories unfold as you progress through the game, and there are essentially infinite story combinations. The rune system works really well, and the hero and anti-hero cards add some nice bonuses without being too powerful. The cards and pieces are well made, though I might consider getting the sleeves just to preserve them. The card art is gorgeous, and really helps tell the story of what challenge you overcame or trait you learned. The only reason I knocked this down one star is that, as the forums suggest, there are a lot of little nuances to the rules and card usage that are not really covered in the rule book that can be important to know while playing. Luckily, the Call to Adventure community here has already proved to be very engaged and helpful, but an updated rule book would be nice to see. Overall, this is an incredibly fun and unique game, and i plan to spend many more hours crafting stories.


July 2019 $29