From the publisher:
Race through Gotham City to catch The Joker and his villain friends!

The Joker and his band of villains are loose in Gotham City and it’s up to Batman™ and his super hero friends to catch them. Roll the buildable LEGO® dice, race across the city and be the first to catch your villain to win the game. Use the gadgets, the Batmobile™ and the Batboat to stay one step ahead of your rivals. For even more variety, change the game using the alternate rules or customize them to create a truly unique LEGO Games experience!

• Includes 8 microfigures: Batman™, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, The Joker, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze and Two-Face
• Features buildable game board, special equipment, buildable LEGO® dice, 4 playing cards, building instruction booklet and a rules booklet
• Game board features the Batcave, The Joker hideout, Gotham City museum, streets, high-rise buildings, a river and the Bat-Signal
• Turn the cards to reveal the identity of the would-be diamond thief
• Catch The Joker and his villain friends!
• Use the special equipment to overcome the obstacles

- 1 buildable lego dice
- 8 LEGO microfigures
- 248 LEGO pieces
- Rules booklet
- Building instructions

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