Pandemic: Fall of Rome

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A worthy Pandemic variant. The barbarian invasion paths add an interesting wrinkle, and the overall structure demands that you have a slightly more proactive view about how you're going to win.


Really fun to bring my wargamer Dad into a solid Pandemic experience.


From original Pandemic, Iberia, and Fall of Rome, I've enjoyed "Fall of Rome" the most.


Pandemic, but not Pandemic. The progression tracks are brilliant. Completely changes the feel of the game. Combined with the variable "cure" costs, it creates a brilliant arc as you deal with the easy tribes in the early game and the hard tribes in the later game. The dice are perfectly balanced. They easily could have added too much randomness, or bad randomness. Instead they make it interesting to remove disease cubes. You no longer take it for granted that you can remove cubes. And it feels awesome to get a great roll. A major aspect of this is the special powers each player has. Speaking of which, the roles feel more distinct this time, in no small part due to the unique special dice power. Some people are good at removing cubes, others aren't. Which adds a ton to the game. The game is also gorgeous. I particularly love that player cards list how many of that color are in the deck on each card. Very helpful. That said, it's still Pandemic. If you didn't quite like Pandemic this might do it for you. But if you hate Pandemic this won't.


Takes everything that’s good about Pandemic and makes it shine. Beating back the barbarian hoarders feels appropriate thematic, and the way they advance on Roma leans in the predictability that makes Pandemic good (over, say, the random and erratic fire in Flash Point) which avoiding the inevitability that base Pandemic has, particularly with many Epidemics meaning it’s the same cities over and over. Each role feels really distinct, moreso than other Pandemic games. Legions add a really interesting layer of tactics, and the dice mechanic works very smoothly - rewarding sensible play, helping to highlight that some roles are better or worse at combat, with an appropriate level of randomness that also helps avoid overplanning/quarterbacking. Appreciate the theme of the game, and the way you can defeat each tribe through conquest or alliance.