Saga of the Northmen


Glory awaits intrepid adventurers of all ages in the Saga of the Northmen, a Dark Ages wargame of shifting alliances and area control. Through deft use of influence cards, you do battle with other chieftains to gain control of the 7 major kingdoms of Europe. Forge alliances and then move your armies and fleets to plunder while completing secret trade routes unknown to others. Earn the most points from plunder and completed objectives to be crowned Supreme Chieftain!

Designed for 2-4 Players, Ages 13+, and 30-40 minutes this game will have an MSRP of $44.99. With a simple card drafting play-style, Saga of the Northmen is a simple to learn and easy to play introduction to area control mechanics for young and old.

In Saga of the Northmen, you control a clan of mighty Northmen. Each round, you will use your influence cards to place Influence cubes on the board in an attempt to gain control of the seven major kingdoms of Europe. Influence cards are not only used to gain control of kingdoms, but also populate Europe's neutral regions with Plunder (VPs). When the board has been filled with 15 plunder, kingdom control for the round is determined. The player with the most influence cubes in a kingdom gains control of that kingdom.

Once alliances have been established, you will maneuver the armies, fleets, and heroes of the kingdoms that have fallen under your sway. Kingdoms move in a set order, with mighty juggernauts charging headlong into battle, while smaller, but craftier, kingdoms wait to make their moves later in the round. Watch carefully what neutral regions your opponents aim for! When two or more players meet on the field of battle, only the player with the most powerful military will be victorious and carry off the plunder. Also, do not forget about your trade route cards. If you can link the kingdom on a trade route card to a neutral region containing the resources it desires, the wealth (VPs) will be far greater than any plunder.

Pillage or trade, in the end, only the wealthiest Viking will be the winner!

MSRP: $39.99Lowest: $27.27

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