Spirit Island

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Haven't bothered to rate a game for a long time, for reasons that would take too long to explain, and yet, I feel compelled to rate this one. It gets 9 stars because it is imaginative, evocative, and stupendously provocative. But more importantly, it is a blast to play because every spirit is really distinguishable from others. Excellent design!


Like most coop games Spirit Island ramps up to brutal hard by the end. I love the theme, but am not a huge fan of the difficulty. I did not play a lot of Nintendo games growing up for the same reason. I want to have fun not get beaten into submission.


I found this game not as complex as some have led on. It has plenty of moving parts but there is a great amount of symbology and player aides to keep you from digging into the rulebook. The play starts a little slow but by the third or fourth round the play becomes very dynamic and interactive. Overall this is a really cool game.


Includes Branch & Claw expansion


The best Co-op (and solo) game I've ever played and it's not close. a top 3 game for me, I just can't decide whether it's 1, 2, or 3. Euro crunchiness with a great theme, components, art, difficulty, and variability. a 10/10


Alan introduced the game to me at LBGG. Loved it and immediately set about tracking down a copy. This game is such a mind melt of choices & theme. A cooperative area control game i can play with the wife


All cards sleeved. Also have the Branch and Claw expansion and the promo spirits.


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W/ Exp: Branch and Claw, Promo Spirits Way too many rules to keep track of, but we had such a blast playing through this. The amount of variety is staggering in just the base box and with it being cooperative, it's a good and heavy game to chew on.


One of my favorite games in the collection, and one that is fun to solo. Definitely a brain burner. The real magic comes out in how much the game changes depending on which spirits are in play. I need to get this back to the table and dive in a little deeper.


I am not one that is very fond of coop games in the pandemic ilk since I think there is usually a fairly obvious decision tree. This game has so much going on that the decisions are far from obvious, and it would be very difficult to micromanage other players. I have only played solo, both with a single spirit and two handed and there was so much going on with two-handed that it was hard to manage. This just makes me even more excited for multiplayer.


Coop; Euro


Borrowed by Silvia.


Love it. So thinky and you work together! Co-oping isn't the easiest but can be done.


Spirit Island is a deeply strategic and highly collaborative game. Each spirit is unique and thematic, with various levels of complexity to encourage several sessions. The hand crafting elements establish a, albeit slow, sense of power progression. Unfortunately the rules overhead becomes overly laborious. The base game is quite simple, but after including scenarios and adversaries the rules become difficult to remember and the invader phase becomes excessively tiresome.



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On of the best co-op games I have ever played. It's a great take on the colonisation theme where you are defending instead of attacking. The game offers great replay-ability with multiple spirits, adversaries, scenarios and (fear-)cards to mix up the gameplay and set-up. I'm interested in the expansions, but will only buy them when I have had enough of the base-game.


My all-time favorite cooperative game. My wife will only ever play coop games, so our collection, although small, would be 100% coop if relatives didn't buy us competitive for gifts. What I look for in a great board game is fantastic art, fantasy/science fiction themes, complexity, and difficulty. Spirit Island delivers on all fronts.


This is a favorite in my local group. The players play as spirits helping native villagers fight off invading colonialists. There are many spirits and each one plays very diverse and in interesting ways, making combinations with other spirits that are really unique and fun to explore. The game is also very challenging. The base difficulty is a pretty challenging level for the first few playthroughs, but then you can add more variety to a game by introducing scenarios that modify rules as well as adversaries, basically giving the invaders special bonus abilities and advantages. The adversary levels range from level 1 to level 6 and there are many adversaries so you definitely have many options in how to change it up.


(10/17) 7. Really cool coop that seems to offer a ton of variability. Love the different powers and the slow/fast card play is really interesting. Feels like a game that wouldn't necessarily get stale quickly.


Played the Print and Play version during Kickstarter period. Very fiddly, and despite comments that the theme was strong, I disagree. If you have a power that moves a city from one region to another, without destroying it, then that doesn't feel consistent with the theme - that's just manipulating the gameboard. Multiple plays will be needed just to establish a gameplay rhythm so you can start to understand how to co-operate. Overall, this game feels like it needs to be streamlined. If you have several other friends who love their AP, or are going to be happy to persevere through multiple gameplays to reach basic familiarisation levels, then maybe this game is for you.


This is my new favorite solo game! So many different strategies to explore!