Flamme Rouge

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Very good easy racing game. I need to glue the people onto the bikes, but I can see this becoming a gateway staple and in a genre I really really like.


rating based on 1st game, which was allright.


Pathed Movement Hand Management Simultaneous Play - Race Finish Card Action


Great game! Fun, lite and quick. It's one of those that you want to play again right away. I didn't realize just how much different the game could be when adding hills. I'm looking forward to playing different tracks. A touch of luck, but with 4 cards to choose from you "usually" have decent choices. I am not typically a fan of racing games but this one I am a fan, and would even consider owning. Looking forward to MANY more plays!!!


So much fun


Interesting race game. Probably wouldn't seek this game out but would be happy to play if someone brought it to a game night.


Absolutely love this simple but clever racing game! The exhaustion and slipstreaming mechanics are thematic and functionally brilliant. The game is very approachable, yet offers enough strategy for experienced gamers; it also offers simultaneous play to eliminate downtime and allow it to scale seamlessly from two players to four (or six with the expansion) without adding to the playtime. All-around brilliant.


Expecting a lot more tense for the race but the cards play taken too much shuffle, draw, play, flip...too much downtime. The race better use token/cardboard to replace the cards.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/flamme-rouge-2016/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/flamme-rouge-2016-accessibility-teardown/


perfect cool down game


(1/17) 7. I suspect this rating will go up with more plays. Very fun game of balancing choices between your two riders. I jut feel like I'd need more plans to appreciate all it has to offer. That said, very fun, clever, and nicely produced. (10/17) 7.