The 7th Continent

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Choose your own adventure comes to life with randomization mechanisms that makes it even better. Amazing execution on a brilliant idea.


When I saw the second Kickstarter I thought I would love this game. After playing a session I was happy to no longer be the 4th wheel slowing progression down. There just wasn't enough crunch for the fidilyness to make sense to me.


Playing our way through the first curse. Liking it more on the second day of gaming. It might be the way we are playing it, but seems easier with more players. sleeves, dice & upgrade cards arrived 7/4/2018 Backing 2nd KS campaign Current pledge $76 veterans pledge for what goes up, must come down (inc flying roots + comfort creatures) +$20 for Facing the Elements expansion $20 fear the devourers $9 path of repentance


There's a lot I like about this game, but the more I play the more its flaws stand out.


2nd edition. Action cards sleeved.




Just started playing (after about 4 hours) The amount of work that was put into this game is just crazy. We are really enjoying exploring the continent and trying to solve the various puzzles and problems. The game can be long but as long as you split it up and don't play too many hours in one session I think this will remain a great game for a while to come. Once we have finished the curses I am not sure how much more playing time it will see until new curses come out. But even with just the current 7 available curses we may play this game more than any other in our collection.




Wow! Just Wow! This game is really good! But i want to have the expnsion to but cant justify the cost :/