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2-4 100


This is one of my favorite Stefan Feld games. The artwork/component quality are awesome and seem to deviate from Feld's other works. If you look for them, there are definite nods to Star Wars in this game that takes place deep underwater (e.g. R2D2 look-alike bot on the cover and millennium falcon shaped puzzle pieces that make up the game board). This rulebook for this game can be intimidating and there is a lot to consider when performing intermediate scoring (e.g. needing a black crystal to advance on the score track beyond specific intervals guarded by laser beams, eliminating octopods from areas you control to avoid point deductions, etc.) but the game play becomes very smooth as you become more familiar. There are many paths to victory in this game and I actually really enjoy the programmed actions mechanism in this game. I thought I would hate it like I did with Lords of Xidit, but it is done in a completely different way here that works! If you like Feld games and want a challenge, pick this one up! It goes on sale from time to time on for $19.99!


Solid, better than most Felds.


Really enjoy the programming aspect of this game. Feels far more straightforward than other Felds to learn. I love the feeling of there being too much to do but not enough time to do it. The strategic optimization of this game is fantastic.


The theme is fantastic! We loved this game—me moreso. It was a super intense brain-burner of a game that really makes you consider your options. Though, it does have a little bit of a learning curve.


played once.


A lot is going on, but where does it lead, and why?


I would like to play this game more. The theme is cool and gameplay is claustrophobic in a good way.