Assault on Doomrock is a co-operative adventure game set in a humorous fantasy world. Players start the adventure by generating random heroes from two cards. Combinations like sadistic paladin, stinky warrior, frustrated mage or impatient rogue are only few of the possibilities.

The unique party of heroes will venture forth into a randomly assembled world map. While gaining crazy abilities, and searching for gold and ridiculous items, heroes must face three increasingly difficult encounters. These battles play out in a grid-free, highly tactical battle system that uses character positioning, dice and ability cards.

The goal of the game is to defeat the third epic boss encounter. In order to do that, heroes must carefully exploit the map to grow as powerful as possible before they run out of time.

Feature highlights:

  • Fully cooperative board game, with card driven artificial intelligence.
  • Variable heroes and scenarios, generated from over 300 cards.
  • Grid-free, highly tactical battle system, with dice allocation planning phase.
  • Fully randomized adventure on the world map, with quests, events, shops and rewarding exploration.
  • 6 Heroes with 8 random traits. 74 unique ability cards. 70 item rewards.
  • 9 possible battle encounters, each with their unique artificial intelligence deck, which gives over 30 battle encounter combinations.

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