Irish Gauge

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After a bunch of games I think I finally "get" this one, and it's real good. The dividends bag giveth and taketh away in equal measure. I still prefer the purity of Northern Pacific for a quick train-ish thing but make no mistake, IG is fantastic in every regard.


I find the auctions and route laying relaxing in this game. The art is also very nice and the train shaped cubes are a great touch for me.


Not built for me. Beautiful, simple, elegant. But all the tangible strategy of this game exists in between the well defined mile markers I usually pay attention to. That said, it is short and sweet. I would play it again and perhaps (quickly?) find more sure footing?


This was pretty good, but a little mathy for my tastes. If you want to play optimally, you'll need to be crunching numbers in your head constantly. Also, if you fall behind in acquiring stocks, be prepared to stay behind. If you don't care about winning or playing optimally, there's some fun to be had.


I'm trying to venture into economic games, so picking this up was a bit of a toss-up for me. I've not had any experience with train games, and I don't usually love auctions. But this game is incredible. It's fantastic. It's fast, thinky, and the stakes always feel high. You'll play it in 45 minutes and want to play again.


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