Puerto Rico

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I liked this game. It has a huge rulebook, but once you get a hang of it, you'll love it.


Holds up very nicely. Will play any time.


What more can be said--so well designed it hurts. The mechanics are fine-tuned within an inch of their lives. I use it as a gateway game, believe it or not--you can just jump right in and explain things as they come up. [EDIT] I played it with veterans last night. They annoyed the hell out of the rest of us. Also, this game seems to be less open than other alternatives. Downgraded half a point, although maybe I'm just playing it wrong.


3-5 Best with 4/5


3-5 players 90 - 150 min.


Hey, I know, let's play a game where everyone just blocks everyone else for an hour and a half


just learned this game and got it as a gift. Can't wait to play with my friends! update: great game! so far it is a hit all around!


People's Choice Top 100 2012 #12


Acquired in Math Trade


Legos for adults. Build an engine and see if it works well. If not, build another one next time. Fun whether you win or lose.


Enjoy the mechanics that keep all players involved at all times even when it is not your turn but it feels "scripted" after repeat plays with experienced players. Significant unfair advantage given to person who follows and inexperienced or untalented player.


Lots of choices to make, no direct confrontation


5 March 2008 - I've only played one game so far so I'm not really sure how much I'll like this after more plays. Getting a very short rules explanation, playing late in the evening and the tendency for new payers to hand the game to the player on their left means I'm quite happy with how I did (38 with the winner on 44) but I want to play again after reading the rules so I 'know' what I'm doing instead of just following advice most turns. 2008-08 Another couple of games and I seem to know what I'm doing now (5 away from winning one of those two games). More plays may up the rating I give this. 2008-11 More plays haven't increased my rating, even after I won two of those extra games.


Still a masterpiece, but also can be pretty scripted with the base buildings.


This is a difficult game to rate. The first time we played we only played the two player variant which is less than impressive. It also has a bit of a troubling theme which made it nearly impossible to justify keeping. Then recently we had the chance to play with 5 players and OMG is this game great. Money and resources are so tight and you have to plan your turn so carefully. The theme is still troubling, and I still think when all is said and done that I would rather play Race for the Galaxy but I certainly wouldn't turn down a game of Puerto Rico.


Played once, enjoyed it.


Brilliant game! If only I could find people to play it with regularly :-(


This is by far the best game I have played in a very long time, if by a long time I mean ever. Although I own other great games, this one was so well designed and thought out that it has no luck value involved at all. Like chess you have to think about your opponent's moves and what will help you most while not helping your opponent. A fantastic game that will be played many times. Overall Score 10, Appearence 9, Components 9, The Box (storage) 9, Rulebook 9, Ease of Play 8, Mechanics 10, Involvment 10, Replayability 10, Uniqueness 10, Luck 0 v Strategy 10 (The higher the number the more it leans that way.)


by 3MBG

Very good, but very mechanical, needs to be played by all players at the same experience level as one new player can throw the game out


Puerto Rico was a groundbreaking game and for that it will always have a place in the boardgame hall of fame. But I think it has been replaced by Race for the Galaxy. I bought Puerto Rico 7 years ago and played it dozens of times. I bought Race for the Galaxy 4 years ago. Since then, I've played Race for the Galaxy hundreds of times and Puerto Rico twice.


SOLD Economic game, where you watch your island grow as the game goes on. Experienced players will destroy inexperienced players, knocking this otherwise excellent game down a notch. Frustrating to play with knowledgeable players because they expect others to "follow the script". INCLUDED: New Buildings


No Review Description


The rating on this will probably go up if I can get some plays in.


I think this is a good game, but not great. Often felt like multiplayer chess, which sometimes is just not exciting enough. Very vulnerable to sub-optimal play by one or more players. Never take the producer role and you'll do well. The more I play, the more boring the game gets. The factory is much more efficient to every other strategy. Rating revised down.


Fun once in a while. Not sure the long term viability in my group.


There is a very nice game engine here even if it is just another "victory point machine" game.  I've played this quite a lot and it still feels reasonably fresh when I come back to it, so that has to count for something.


8.1 / 2-5p Best 4 / Overall 9 / Strategy 10 / 90-150m / 3.29 (Engine Building)


Played this a few times on-line and really enjoyed it two player.


fun and easy to pick up.


Like this needs to be pushed up the ladder. I had avoided this for a while fearing that it would lean towards the person with the most experience. But now after playing 30 or so games, this is well deserved rated so high on the BBG. Absolutely fantastic game!


Just too dry for me at the end of the day. Turn order matters a lot too.


digitale versie op ipad


2-5 players (best 4) 90-150 minutes


Good game, feels really dated.


Setup is kind of a pain. The game is fun.


2-5, 90m


The left-right binding issue is a major problem with players of unequal skill. But if you have 3-5 players who have equal skill level, it's wonderful. I don't think the "unequal" skill is a reason to not play the game, however. How else is someone supposed to get better at a game if you never play it with them?




Create an economic/point engine by producing, trading, shipping goods, organizing the workforce and building a city. Interesting variety of options and play. Set up and take down are a massive pain. Replaced by Race for the Galaxy.


by klz

I haven't played it so much that it's solved for me, and it still plays well for me. Homemade expansion included when it was first released as a PDF.


Probably my favorite game, but it doesn't hit the table as much as I would like. Luckily I can relieve my itch on board gaming websites and the ipad if I need to.


Enjoyed this a lot when it just came out. Now we tend to turn to Race or Roll for the Galaxy instead.


This was my introduction to boardgaming and I quite liked it. Played twice with 4 and 3 times with 2. I like it but it is not something that I need to get at the moment. 2008-06-04 - Rating from 8 -> 6 because I think it is an "OK game" 2011-01-03 - Bumping rating from 6 -> 7 2013-06-04 - Bought


I totally love this great classic, the role selection phase is just perfect, I would like to get the expantions in the spanish edition, because I feel that with the plays it may be a bit repetitive.


This is a fun game and surprisingly catches a lot of my friends that aren't normally into build games. In my opinion, two-player mode is not well-adjusted for this game but 3 and 4 are pretty decent numbers with 4 being the best.


The King of all board games (IMHO). I have been playing this game for years, and I still chomp at the bit to play this gem. Building a successful factory, or establishing a corn wharf are extremely fulfilling, and the 'craftsman angst' is delightfully excruciating. I have yet to play a game that comes close to reproducing the Puerto Rico experience, which in the current age of board games speaks volumes, and confirms the timelessness it holds. The two expansions add some spice, but aren't super necessary because the base game is the best there is. Simply the best.


(10/17) 6. A game that clearly deserves its spot as a classic. I played against a bunch of experienced players, so I got crushed, but the quality did shine through and I would certainly play again.