Puerto Rico board game
Puerto Rico board game

Puerto Rico

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Prospector, captain, mayor, trader, settler, craftsman, or builder? Which roles will you play in the new world? Will you own the most prosperous plantations? Will you build the most valuable buildings? You have but one goal: achieve the greatest prosperity and highest respect! This is shown by the player who earns the most victory points. He will win the game!

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  • Fun game - several options to take for trying to win - it does take some time to set up and I can see game play possibly dragging with 5 people (went ok when I played with 3 people).
  • Great game... lots of depth and very little luck. Can be a problem if people playing are not equal as the 'screw the guy to your left' rule needs to be applied. "Easy to learn, hard to master" would be the cliche to apply here.
  • Includes Expansion 1 and 2 in main boxTrade Desire: High
  • A classic euro. I love the way you have to utilize your workers and make sure everything you want to use has a worker to operate it. I love that mechanic. A great game.
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Sure, I have games that I love which have no discernible theme. Some examples include:

#Dominion: Second Edition

#Race for the Galaxy

#Puerto Rico

#Lost Cities

However, I don't know that I would say that theme doesn't matter. Wouldn't these games maybe be better if they were more thematic?

I will say #Catan I really do enjoy it, though it is somewhat themeless. #Puerto Rico is a great themeless game, quite a bit better than Catan.

Many, not all action drafting games have this sort of thing. I think most notably of #Puerto Rico and #Race for the Galaxy. These are two games that I love.

Some games that I don't necessarily own, but I know and love that fit in this category include.

#Puerto Rico. This game is older, it comes to us from 2002. It was number one on bgg for a while. And, it is still at number 26. This is a superb euro game. I love it, and I love the interactivity you can have with it.

#Power Grid I think this might be Friedeman Friese's heaviest game, not sure about that. But I do know that it is a very fun midweight-euro economic game. Like #Age of Steam you can find a map to fit your player count. It is currently number 36 on the list of the bgg top 100 games of all time.

Coming to us from 1964, we have the game we should all have grown up with in place of Monopoly. This is the classic game #Acquire. This is a dead simple, but fun, mass market(ish) style game. Even considering it's age, it is all the way up at number 257 on BGG.

Ohhh nice! I like this list! I would go with #Puerto Rico for this one! 

I think I would put #Puerto Rico on this list. Truly loved my experience with it and am craving more plays!

#Agricola (Revised Edition) is also a real nice game I do not own but multiple people in my group own!


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