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A very fun game and really is a lot fun and with extra strategy if you use the Monster variant where buildings can be destroyed.


Very funny....


Excellent introductory game.


Manhattan might be the best of the quintessentially 'old' games. The box and board are reminiscent of games you'd play in your grandparent's basement, with dull, incongruous art, and lacking graphic design. That aside, Manhattan is a rather strong abstract area majority game. The jostling for the tallest tower, is a classic pissing contest that, despite your best intentions, will inevitably pull you in; the stakes are just too high to ignore. The strongest aspect of the game is the selection of towers that occurs prior to each round. Do you go strong now, with a weaker round down the road, or do you go the opposite route, or perhaps you try to play a level hand each round? All of the game's decisions are small, but they are many and they are fun.